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andy wolf eyewear - latest collection

And suddenly a warm feeling raised in my body. I was kind of nervous while reading through the lines that I was chosen for a customer event in the heart of Graz.

Let's get one step back.

Since a few months, I try to redefine myself to find the right way in the business of music and DJing. For me, the essential part and also one of my findings is to transport feelings and emotions within my sets. If you're not the center of the event this isn't that easy as it sounds. For a business-event, it is more essential to transport the right mood. Therefore I kind of absorb the mood of my surrounding and try to get in resonance with the people. Deep in my stomach, I feel if it's right or wrong. And the longer I stick to it, the better it gets. For me. And for my audience.

So, on the one hand, I influence people with the music I play, but on the other hand and let's not underestimate this, having fun with what I am doing influences everybody around me. So the other key is having fun fun fun.

Let's come to this wonderful event I was chosen for.

Andy Wolf Eyewear and Wutscher Optik decided to get a different way as the norm says. They chose a location in the heart of Graz with an outstanding atmosphere. As exceptional as the location was also the concept of the latest collection: The new collection of Andy Wolf Eyewear is defined by three different categories: LOVE - SOUL - WHITE HEAT.

"Love" brings eye-catching new designs. "Soul" describes the center of Andy Wolf and "White Heat" embodies puristic design and clear forms. When I was reading this concept I was truly inspired by the deep meaning of it. So within my set I always kept these three pillars in my mind and chose my tracks in order to that.

...trying something new.

...always responding to my origin to keep my identity. it a clear shape.

Playing there was great fun fun fun and as you can see in the pictures enclosed the guest enjoyed it as well.

Thanks for these great moments <3

All pics are from Markus Mansi (MOMA Agency)… If you’d like to see more look here.

Thx to the organization of Thomas Pokorn and his lovely attitude.

This blogpost is not part of the official cooperation. I was inspired by the event and all the participants so I decided to write about it.

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