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wine. ski. pleasure.

Could it work to combine two entirely different things? Two things that have never been brought together until yet? Personally, I am a big fan of taking that risk and having a look what happens. But what am I writing about? The purpose of this short blog entry is to enlighten the modern methods of a little skiing region to attract their customers.


The domestic ski area consists mainly of much space for skiing in a beautiful landscape and some nice and little cottages where you can get something to eat and drink. So far so good. That’s as we know it. But where is the revolution? Where are the new thoughts? Yes, aprés-ski-party is much fun, but doing that every year in the same way could get boring. For me, skiing is not that important. But what I love is to enjoy the surrounding and the adorable nature beside the slope. I kind of absorb the moments that happen every second. There is so much to discover. I love it.


For me as a DJ, I am looking for new challenges. Playing in a club is more or less always the same. The good thing is, you get a direct response from your audience. As beautiful as it is, but even there is a great vibe, for me as a DJ there is nothing new. So how can I take the next step?

Bringing those two points together.

Sometimes I feel like the life is loving me. I got a request from Ines, the head of Marketing of Hochkar in Lower Austria. They wanted to try something new. Of course, they didn't know if it will work, but this was the chance I got to take the next step.

Combining the stunning atmosphere of the mountains with some wine and House Music. It's a perfect match. Not only me but also the guests totally enjoyed it.

Thanks again to Ines for this great opportunity and I am looking forward to the next time playing in an atmosphere like this <3

—> Watch the Aftermovie here:

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