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fifteen seconds europe 2k18

- What is unique about Fifteen Seconds Festival?

- How can a DJ help you with your decision to go there?

First of all, let me tell you that I have been to nearly all Fifteen Seconds Festivals so far to join the convention of today's masterminds of marketing and related disciplines. So we can say I grew up with all the inspirations and impressions that you can get there and could use it in my everyday life.

But what is so special about this Festival and what is my main point to visit it?

Yes, there are hundreds of well-known international speaker who are an argument on its own. Yes, they deliver cutting-edge and future-related content and take the next step every day. Yes, all the big brands are there to connect with you and try to build up awareness in a familiar surrounding. But let me tell you that this is not everything. This festival has its uniqueness due to all the participants. There is an easy way to get in touch with the person ordering a cup of coffee next to you. The people are open-minded in a way I have never seen before. If you are looking for the next big thing, you should listen to yourself and look at the people that surround you. They are the big thing. They make the Fifteen Seconds Festival so damn unique.

How can I help you as a DJ to make your decision clear?

Easy. For me, as a DJ, it is my daily job to absorb the energy of my audience and respond to it in a way to raise their mood. But in that case, I was so overwhelmed by the overall organization and all the participants of this festival that I felt kind of pleasured and so confident. The spirit was on such a high level that there is only the possibility of having fun. It was really amusing to see how far we could get at the Speakers Dinner and how open the people were. An absolute highlight.

But what I experienced the next day in the outdoor-chill-area was totally stunning. In an 8-hour-set I could take the people on a journey through the depths of Deephouse, Techhouse and Melodic-Techno that lead to the highest level of satisfaction. People were stopping by and telling me how I create an entire world for them. This was ever since my vision and my passion. Thanks for that response.

To wrap this up...

Next to all the promoted things like speakers, networking-formats, parties and so on, you get the possibility to dive into a 2-day-time-out and concentrate on marketing at its finest in an excellent atmosphere with great people. You get all leading companies from the world in one area and everybody is so close and open-minded that it is easy to connect and form future relationships.

That is how I felt about it and I wish the organisation of Fifteen Seconds Festival all the best for their plans in Detroit. We will definitely see us again next year.

I performed at Fifteen Seconds Festival. This article was not part of the deal. It is just 100% of my personal view.

Picture copyright: Stadthalle Graz Photography Europe 2018 by: WARDA NETWORK Niki Pommer Dominic Erschen

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