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ibiza 2k17


For six days I’ve been to Ibiza. 6 days full of emotions, excitement and joy.

It was my first time on this beautiful island. Lots of people told me there is an inspiring mood hanging over this wonderful place and I didn't trust them.

Go with me one month back in time. I had a lot of work to do and couldn't calm down. I was grumpy. I was angry. Couldn't feel the positive aura of life. There was a need for a notable break. My girlfriend realized that and forced me to book my flight. She is the real cause why I actually did it. Sometimes I need someone that pushes me so that I have not the possibility to chicken out and say the "noooo, it is not that important" kind of stuff.

Finally, I made it there and it was the best decision since a long time.

3 things that helped me to recover in Ibiza


The primary purpose to travel to this fascinating island was to get more distance to everyday life and stress. There was a significant need to refresh my thoughts and to find the joy of life again. While having a 40-hour workweek, organizing part-time influencer-events, owning a startup and DJing in the evenings and weekends there is nothing like "free time."

On Ibiza, you have the possibility of switching off your brain. Just listen and follow your instincts. Especially while traveling alone, you get more self-confident concerning trusting on your inner voice. But for me, it wasn't easy. It took me three days to get in this mood. I had to fight against myself.

And then you go to the beach, listen to the sound of the wind and everything is forgotten. You live in the moment.

sunset and beach parties

While walking at the beach time is passing by and you don't even know if it was 5 minutes or 5 hours. Ibiza, the Mekka for house-music has lots of incredible beaches, but if you like to listen to music all day Playa d'en Bossa is the beach to be. From Nassau over Bora-Bora to Ushuaia Beach Club you find the right place for you to stay. Yes, this beach is a touristic attraction, but it is so huge that it doesn't feel too crowded (in September).

If there is the wish of a calmer evening with a perfect view of the sunset you need to go to Playa Cala Conta. Bring your own beer, walk along the cliffs, sit to the place you prefer and enjoy the perfect view direction sunset.

And the most inspiring beach I've been was Cala de Sant Vicent. At this beach, you feel like home at the moment when you pass the promenade. There is one highly recommendable restaurant called "The Boat House." You get perfect ambient for little money.

meet new people

This is what will always stay in my mind. Everybody is so open-minded and it is effortless to get to know new people. When I flew there, I thought I don't want to talk to anybody. Just concentrating on my own and relax. So far so good. This isn't possible in Ibiza. Especially not for me. I love to talk to people and compare notes with others.

I had the possibility to meet such great personalities that I will never forget. I hope to see some of them soon again.

(Special thanks to Elena from Café Montesol, Bianca and her friends and the nice party we had, Christina and Philip for the awesome first day, Fabio from Hii-Club, and the lovely family which passed by while I had hardly any fuel in my tank and showed me a map to the next gas station)


Now I am back in Austria and I can't believe what I actually did. It was a perfect time to find to me and get inspired for the essential things in life.

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