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summary pealfestival 2k17

A friendly smile from the cashier at the beginning and an easy discribtion where to go to have the best spot on the camping side let you feel highly welcome at the Peal Festival. While cruising with your car through the gates with direction to caravan camping you get a feeling for the size and the beauty of the festival. It’s located in the south-styrian hills in the middle of nowhere. You can really feel the nature. All the stages and bars are coverd by wood to point out the natural mind of this festival. In short a very unique experience.

The special aspect about the pealfestival is that they are crowdfunded. What means that if a certain amount of tickets are sold, the festival will take place. And this target was reached every time over the last 11 years.

camping (caravan)

There was the possibility to go to the festival by car or camper and that makes it really comfortable. There are spacious parking lots with trees and enough green space to enjoy the festival with your friends. During the day this is the ideal place to sit around and communicate with other people.


All together there are 5 stages, which is really a lot for such a small festival. But they are good located and give the audience the possibility to switch genres just by going a few meters further. The music starts around lunchtime which is perfectly if you want to sleep in a little bit longer. The mainstage begins with soft background music from a well known DJ of fm4 radio, while for example on another stage a workshop starts where you can learn how to scratch. All in all it is an interactive and colorful concept and it is not only for singles and couples, but also for families who want to experience something different and outstanding.

my part

For me as an artist this festival was interesting as well as nice to play. It was my task to bring a good mood to the camping stage in the afternoon. My set lasted for 3 and a half hours where I could go deeper into my tracklist. I really loved it. With a perfect view towards the sunny hills I played until sunset. It was kind of magical having the people dance in that atmosphere.

Thank you for having me, Peal Festival!

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